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Basic veterinary collections from libraries to training vet references will locate Liz Welsh does a superb enhancing task in ANAESTHESIA FOR VETERINARY NURSES, a survey written in particular for veterinary nurses by way of veterinary nurses and surgeons. assurance of the diversity of physiological and pharmacological features of anesthesia were totally up to date and mirror the most recent adjustments to veterinary nursing.

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The speed of transmission of this impulse can be affected by anoxia, anaesthetics and some drugs. Many muscle relaxants act on cholinoreceptors. For example, competitive neuromuscular blocking drugs, such as atracurium, compete with acetylcholine to reversibly combine with cholinoreceptors, resulting in flaccid paralysis. However, the skeletal muscles can be flaccid or contracted due to suxamethonium. In order for acetylcholine to be released from the nerve cell, sufficient levels of calcium are required.

In cases of trauma, especially where there are multiple fractures, there should be an increased suspicion of pulmonary contusions. The full extent of pulmonary lesions associated with both trauma and smoke inhalation is likely to develop over 24–48 hours and may be missed on initial presentation.

R. (2002) Review of Veterinary Physiology. Teton NewMedia, Jackson. Preoperative Assessment and Preparation of the Patient Joan Duncan 3 The perfect anaesthetic drug would induce reversible unconsciousness, analgesia and muscle relaxation without depression of the heart and lungs. It would not require metabolism and would be non-toxic to the patient. Although the anaesthetic agents used for veterinary patients have improved greatly in recent years, they still fall short of this ideal. Consequently, careful preanaesthetic assessment of patients before sedation and anaesthesia is essential to identify physiological, pathological or drug-related factors which may complicate the anaesthetic management or the surgical procedure, the expected outcome of surgery, or the management of the patient.

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