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By Milton Heifetz, Wil Tirion

ISBN-10: 0521689457

ISBN-13: 9780521689458

What megastar is that? the place is the Southern pass? Who was once Orion? Answering those questions and lots of extra, this ebook turns into an important touring better half for newbie astronomers heading overseas. Its certain simplified maps make it effortless to discover the constellations within the southern hemisphere skies, and the celebrities inside them. transparent directions advisor the person on the best way to gauge sizes and distances, and flow simply among constellations. This new version has been up to date with extra mythology info, and a listing of the planet positions as much as 2016. Of price to every age, this booklet introduces the styles of the starry skies in a memorable manner. No gear is required to take advantage of this sensible advisor: except basic sight and transparent skies. superbly illustrated, this is often a terrific creation to surprising stars that may have astronomers of all degrees staring at on the skies comfortably.

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This triangle encloses much of Phoenix, including its brightest star Ankaa, which lies in the approximate center of the triangle. ✶ Notice that the line from Achernar to Diphda crosses Star 2 of Phoenix. ✶ Star 2 through Star 4 of Grus leads to Ankaa, not quite equidistant. 31 A walk through the heavens Fig. 20 – Facing South-West and looking high up - September 10 pm CAPRICORNUS 5 GRUS MICROSCOPIUM 4 1 2 3 6 CORONA AUSTRALIS INDUS 5 7 8 1 2 TUCANA Peacock SAGITTARIUS 4 3 TELESCOPIUM PAVO SCORPIUS ARA NORMA TRIANGULUM AUSTRALE 2 3 CIRCINUS 1 LUPUS CENTAURUS 32 A walk through the heavens The Grus, Sagittarius, Scorpius and Lupus relationship (Fig.

Form an equilateral triangle joining Denebola in Leo, Spica in Virgo and Arcturus. 51 A walk through the heavens Fig. 30 – Facing North - May 10 pm - Horizon for 25° S 1 CRUX 5 2 4 3 SCORPIUS CRATER Antares HYDRA CORVUS 3 Kraz 2 1 Zubenelgenubi Gienah Alphard Spica LIBRA SEXTANS Denebola Regulus 6 7 5 8 Arcturus 4 9 3 1 VIRGO COMA BERENICES LEO 2 BIG DIPPER 52 A walk through the heavens To locate Spica in Virgo (Fig. 30) ✶ Follow the arc of the handle of Ursa Major past Arcturus and continue the arc to a bright star which is Spica.

It is 10 degrees from Mirfak and 35 degrees from Betelgeuse. Test your ability to measure these distances. 45 A walk through the heavens Fig. 27 – Facing North - December 10 pm Acamar COLUMBA Phact Diphda 3 LEPUS Arnab Zaurak CETUS 2 Rigel ERIDANUS Mira 6 7 8 Cursa Menkar 3 ORION 1 5 4 2 1 1 Hyades ARIES Betelgeuse Aldebaran Pleiades 3 TRIANGULUM TAURUS El Nath 2 PERSEUS ANDROMEDA Almak AURIGA Mirfak 46 Capella A walk through the heavens To locate Lepus, Columba and Cetus (Fig. 27) ✶ A line from Star 4 of Orion through Star 8 leads to Arnab of Lepus.

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