Gordon Kerr's A Short History of the First World War: Land, Sea & Air, PDF

By Gordon Kerr

ISBN-10: 1843440946

ISBN-13: 9781843440949

As the war is slipping past dwelling reminiscence, this concise heritage helps ensures that the clash isn't forgotten

WWI, lasting simply 4 years from 1914 to 1918, used to be with no parallel, the 1st precise worldwide clash during which all the earth's nice powers participated. This book tells the tale of this cataclysmic occasion. It describes the historical past to struggle, the foreign rivalries and conflicts of the former many years that resulted in the international locations of Europe forming digital armed camps, the relentless build-up of army and naval that characterised the early years of the 20 th century, and the good figures that attempted to avoid clash or enthusiastically driven for it. every year of the conflict is handled in its personal bankruptcy, the battles, numerous battlefronts, and significant incidents defined and analyzed for his or her influence at the behavior of the conflict. The e-book also examines the final acts of this "war to finish all wars," delivering money owed of the Russian Revolution, the decisive access of the U.S. into the hostilities, and the efforts of the Paris Peace convention after the armistice to apportion blame and punish the losers.

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